Thursday, April 18, 2013

So a quick trip to the ER yesterday (I'm fine, but better safe than sorry) stopped me from posting the couple of spells I had for Swords and Wizardry appreciation day.  Regardless, here they are:

Arcadle's Fiery Bolts
Level: Magic User 2
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 90'

This spell was created by a young magic user who often found his party in dire straits with trolls and other regenerating creatures.  It became a go-to for when Magic Missile wasn't good enough, and a dash of fire was necessary, but a Fireball was too big to use.

Description:  A bolt of fire streaks towards the target, striking for 2-8 points of damage (save for half).  In addition, if the saving throw is failed, anything flammable ignites.  Unattended objects that are flammable ignite instantly.  For every two levels of experience beyond 3rd the magic user has gained, he can add one extra Fiery Bolt.

Arkus' Icy Whip
Level: Cleric 2, Druid 1
Duration: 4 rounds
Range: 10'

This spell is often used by shamans, druids of the far north and clerics who's deity holds the elemental or cold specific portfolios.  It was created as a means of defense and safe passage over watery dangers.

Description:  A ten foot long whip of fluid ice is created in the hands of the  caster.  The whip can be used to strike at enemies for 1d6 damage (this does not count as a magic weapon).  The caster uses his normal attack bonuses, and is proficient with the whip.
The caster can also choose to extend the whip over standing water.  Each round this is done, it will freeze a path, one foot wide and ten feet long for 1 turn.  The ice is thick enough that one man-sized creature can traverse it without fear of falling through.  Anyone on the ice after the turn is up, falls through as it breaks away.

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